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Advanced Body-worn Bluetooth Cardiac ‘Smart Patch’ Technology

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Isansys Lifecare

Digital healthcare business Isansys Lifecare is seeing increasing global demand for its ground-breaking wireless patient monitoring platform, Patient Status Engine.

This innovative, continuous vital sign data acquisition, analysis and prediction platform combines unobtrusive wireless wearable sensors, wireless networks, analytical algorithms and big data to provide low cost continuous, high resolution monitoring for all patients in hospital, and at home. The accurate and complete physiological data collected by the Patient Status Engine is used to calculate Early Warning Scores automatically and in real time. Deteriorating patients are identified earlier so care can be escalated faster. Smart notification functionality alerts care teams or individual clinicians, in any location, even outside the hospital.

The system allows for live streaming and remote viewing of all of a patients’ vital signs, allowing for improved monitoring, response time and reducing the need for manual testing of vital signs. Additionally, by turning the system into a fully enclosed wireless setup, patients are no longer tied down to a variety of machines during their stay, improving patient experience and reducing issues with rehabilitation, recovery and basic patient mobility.

The UK-based company has shipped systems to hospitals in India, Germany and Norway, as well as Scotland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Singapore and is currently processing more orders from around the world.

STARK Industries has partnered with Isansys to bring their innovative new products to the United States, working with hospitals, emergency centers, physicians and research scientists to implement the Patient Status Engine Technology.

Battelle Memorial Institute

Battelle’s expertise includes conducting future research and development, managing labs, designing products, and delivering critical services.

Laszeray Technology, LLC

Laszeray is in the business of design and manufacturing of world-class products, parts, tooling, testing and regulatory compliance in healthcare, and a wide variety of industries.

Design Net Technical Products, Inc.

Design Net’s expertise is in validating software development, testing fixture software and support.

BIOPAC Systems, Inc.

BIOPAC provides world class data acquisition systems and data loggers for scientific, life sciences research, data analysis & research purposes.


MERA provides independent third-party company support to medical, scientific, and laboratory equipment manufacturers and distributors.


TechTrans is a full-service logistics provider with more than 30 years of experience, specializing in healthcare equipment logistics with White Glove service.