STARK Industries LLC and Isansys Invited Aboard NASA's NEEMO 24 Mission for Sponsored 'Wireless' Cardiac Monitoring Research

STARK Industries seeks partner/sponsor for remote 'wireless' cardiac and physiologic monitoring of NASA's NEEMO 24 aquanaut crew members utilizing the Isansys "Patient Status Engine" platform and BLE paired sensors

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Isansys Travels with NASA to Antarctica

A NASA exploration scientist set off on his mission to Antarctica being monitored by the Patient Status Engine, a physiological data collection platform which provides monitoring of individuals wirelessly and in real-time.

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To learn more about the Isansys ‘Patient Status Engine’ physiological data collection platform visit:

Or contact STARK Industries directly via the channels listed to the right.

STARK Industries Seeks Partner Sponsor for Remote Wireless Cardiac Monitoring Study Aboard NASA's - NEEMO XXIII

Beginning in late July, 2018, and throughout the NEEMO XXIII Expedition, 'tech demonstration' data from the Isansys "Patient Status Engine" platform and sensors, including heart rate, heart rhythm, respiration rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature, will be collected "wirelessly" via Bluetooth, relayed back to monitoring teams on the US mainland and analyzed, all in "real-time".

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STARK Industries LLC Seeks Advanced Smartphone App Software Developers as Consumer Demand Grows

Officials at STARK Industries have discovered several un-tapped market niches within the smartphone application market. STARK Industries' stunning discovery of these un-tapped market niches, and subsequent smartphone app development will be transformational, propelling STARK Industries onto a global stage.

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